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These Silent Film Era Starlet Hairstyles from Second Life Brand Lelutka will Leave you Speechless

Lillian Gish Lelutka

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I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw Lelutka's latest hair release last week. I've been waiting and waiting for an excuse to take some silent-era starlet glamor shots for awhile, so their latest collection was an utterly perfect excuse. There are three styles to choose from: Lillian, Josephine, and Gloria (after three wildly popular women of the era,) and each style has a very different personality to match each very different star.

Let's get right to it and take a look at Lillian first:

Lillian is directly inspired by Lillian Gish's soft, flowing style from the period film Romola. The pearl-accented woven headdress on this style makes it a must have if you're interested in historical costuming in SL well beyond the early 20th century. The hairstyle itself is full of very precise and subtle waves that are pretty true to the source, so for me this is definitely the darling of the collection. I paired it with the Velette dress from Junbug, which isn't exactly consistent with Romola's setting or true to what Lillian herself wore, but I think it looks pretty damn cute regardless.

Gloria and Josephine

Gloria is a fairly flapper-friendly hairstyle which I assume is named for Gloria Swanson. Before she was a murderous, washed-up starlet in Sunset Boulevard, she was one of the silver screen's favorite flapper girls. This style frames the face with large, tight curls, and tops it off with a bold headband. While I'm not normally very interested in headbands, this style still stands out to me because the way the band holds the hair means that it will probably fit well under cute little cloche hats and headdresses (better than most comparable styles at least) with the butterfly option toggled off. Clothes and accessories from Donna Flora are a perfect match for this style, since many of their outfits have a strong '20s vibe along with some serious Gloria-worthy glamor.

Josephine seems miles away from Josephine Baker's most well-known ultra-slicked hairstyle, but it might be one of the most wearable styles in the collection (even if you're dressing in this century.) It's a bob with soft waves, not quite tight enough to be proper finger waves, but definitely still evoking them. I'll admit that I would have liked Josephine more with those slightly tighter waves and curls, but even as it is I have no doubt that this is the style I'll get the most wear out of. Pair it with a dress from Volstead like I did for a big Jazz Age impact.

This isn't Lelutka's first themed collection. They also recently released several Disney-inspired styles that had fashionistas salivating. While this silver screen collection is about half as big, it's definitely my favourite of the two. It can be such a pain in the ass to find beautiful vintage-inspired hairstyles in Second Life, so I know I'll be coming back to this collection for a long time. Admittedly grainy black and white doesn't do much justice to these styles, so check them out in better detail on Lelutka's blog, or pick them up in-world [SLURL] or on the SL Marketplace here!

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Strawberry Singh

You did an amazing job putting these looks together, Iris. I love the pictures too.

Cajsa Lilliehook

I love your shots and your styling! I was thinking of picking them up and you have made up my mind for me.

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