Thursday, February 14, 2013

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Win Over Your SL Sweetheart With the Perfect Valentine's Day Ensemble

Valentine's outfits
Iris Ophelia's ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style

You know me, and in my opinion every holiday is just an excuse to dress up. Now while Valentine's Day isn't my favorite holiday, the palette of red, pinks, blacks, and whites, alongside super-cute emblems like cupids and hearts, can make for some utterly adorable outfit options.

Today I'm keeping it fairly simple, though, with an outfit perfect for a comfy and casual Valentine date with that special someone... and something a little fancier to wear beneath it. Keep reading for all the details!

Both outfits started with a Valentine's gift from one of my favorite skin stores, Pink Fuel [SLURL] [SL Marketplace]. If you're a member of their update group (or you join it promptly) you can snag this free preview of their upcoming Alyx skin line in the group notices. This makeup, called Sultry, features dark smokey eyes and oxblood lips (which are both classic and on-trend.)

I'm also wearing the Aurora hairstyle from Lelutka's Disney princess-inspired release [SLURL] [SL Marketplace]. Though you can't see it in my pictures, there's a black headband buried in those golden waves that complements the casual outfit nicely.I picked up the Olga Sweatshirt Dress on the right, by Tee*fy, at the faMESHed event [SLURL]. faMESHed showcases new mesh creations every month, and even if this particular dress is too laid back for you, there are plenty more in this month's lineup that are as fancy, sexy, or sweet as anyone could want.Literally the first pair of black tights I found in my inventory make it into the lower half of my date outfit, but you may want to layer it over pants or even a ruffly miniskirt instead. Don't be afraid to use what you've got lying around to get the most out of new pieces. Follow your heart when it comes to shoes as well; this look would go just as well with flats as it would with stilettos.

Valentine's ring Paper CoutureI'm accenting both outfits with Paper Couture's Valentine's release [SLURL] [SL Marketplace], a jewelled heart ring and earring set available in both gold and silver. I'll admit the earrings got a bit... buried in all that flowing hair, but like most Paper Couture accessories this set is bold and fun, and wearable well beyond the 14th.

Lingerie in SL can be very hit-or-miss, and there's only one brand that I love 100% of the time: Nylon Pinkney's Ooh Lala! [SLURL] [SL Marketplace]. Ethically dubious photosourcing and just plain bad taste run rampant in SL's lingerie market, so Ooh Lala's painted textures and vintage-inspired styles are always an easy and refreshing choice (unless you refuse to wear anything that isn't photorealistic, in which case you are truly missing out.) I'm wearing the Pearl Playsuit, which came out around Christmas. I regretted not having the opportunity to write about it at the time, but Ooh Lala's recent release of two more super slinky playsuits (Valentine and China Doll) is close enough to being the excuse I needed. Ooh Lala! also recently began to include appliers for mesh breasts with past and current releases, so if you're looking for something classy to put on those puppies, they've got you (un)covered.

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