Friday, February 01, 2013

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See Ms. Monday's SL Art About Inner Turmoil & Outer Calm

Whiskey Monday SL art

While I profiled Ms. Whiskey Monday back in November last year, Ms. Monday continues to lead the vanguard of turning Second Life screenshots into works of art. This one above, juxtaposing states of inner turmoil with outer tranquility, is just among many she's created since then -- do click to embiggify at the source, by which I mean her blog, which you must peruse the hell out of here.


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For what it's worth, it's Whiskey Monday, not Whiskey Day.

Hamlet Au

Doh, thanks, fixed.

Eliana Zaytsev

she is also Whiskey Day, in another world ;)

Hamlet Au

Yes, I'm pretty sure I've corresponded with her in that form too.

Wizard Gynoid

Whiskey is very humble and doesn't think her "things" rise to high art. I, however, don't agree.

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