Monday, February 11, 2013

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Celebrate The Year of The Snake in Second Life With These Scaly Serpent Styles

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As of last weekend's Lunar New Year celebrations it's officially the year of the Snake. Traditionally in Chinese culture, having someone who was born in the year of the Snake in your house is very fortunate. However, in case you don't happen to have someone like that around, you might want to try channeling some of that serpentine good luck onto yourself with snake-themed items from the SL Marketplace. Whether you want to be a full-on naga or just add a splash of scales to your ensemble, check these items out:


  • If it's a naga tail you're after, I love the look of this cyber tail by Kailrim Garrigus of Fairysnake Productions. Pair it with a less organic looking skin for a truly showstopping avatar.
  • For the perfect set of animations to wear with your tail of choice, my top pick is the Lamia AO from Bakemonoya. It has oodles of animations that won't make your tail bug out while you're running, walking, flying, or even sitting. Bakemonoya also has AOs for merfolk, so if you're a fan of mythologically-motivated avs they're worth looking in to.

Lumina Nymph (Green)

  • Speaking of mermaids, this dreamy water nymph-inspired outfit from Evie's Closet may not have been made with snakes in mind, but the delicate scaled tattoo layer makes it ideal for anyone looking for a slightly more ethereal serpentine look.

Seen any other awesome and original scaly fashions lately? Share in the comments below!

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