Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Meet Ami Yamato, A Tongue-in-Cheek Virtual YouTube Personality With Some Impressive Technical Tricks

Ami Yamato Youtube
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Meet Ami Yamato, a Japanese girl living and working in England... Sort of. You might notice something different about Ami, something not quite right. Although she's always shown in the real world in her YouTube videos, she is entirely computer generated and almost never acknowledges her digital nature. More importantly, she's incredibly congenial and fun to watch.

There's a lot of painstaking detail in her videos: shaky cameras, out-of-focus shots, poor lighting conditions and more are all taken into account to put this rather unrealistic character in an ultra-realistic frame.


Have I piqued your curiosity? Lucky for you, Ami recent posted a complete look at how exactly she produces her videos:


Well okay, it's not exactly a tell-all tutorial for the aspiring animator. Like I said, Ami only rarely alludes to the pixels-and-polygons side of her existence, and when she does it's often tongue-in-cheek.

Surprisingly Ami has way fewer hits and fans than a project (and a personality) like this ought to, so don't hesitate to follow Ami on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and of course YouTube for more of her amazing reality-bending videos.

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GoSpeed Racer

A good nickname for her could be "Maxine Headroom".

GoSpeed Racer

Hey, isn't she also The Green Lantern's girlfriend too? Carol Ferris:

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