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Thursday, March 28, 2013


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Cube Republic

The inworld support group for this is amazing too, really helpful bunch.

Marx Catteneo

I've had a good look at their site but the claim that it could animate an avatar's face without SL limitations is a bit less promising than it looked to me in the article. It can do keyframe animations between the 20 SL face expression but only play those in Blender not in SL. So if one wanted to use it in an SL machinima that would be impossible it seems (unless you got for compositing/keying but that's hell when shooting in shadows). As i would love to see the facial expression feature i sure hope someone could point me to the right page showing it can be done ;)
BTW this program is feature packed as it is so it looks like being well worth the money without the face expressions export to SL and it looks like it can solve some other machinima related problems for me. Time to dive into Blender...

Renmiri Writer

I used avastar before, it is not as easy as it looks

Gaia Clary


About face expressions: Second Life does not support the animation of face expressions. However we have implemented this feature for Blender only in the hope that some day Linden Lab will improve their capabilities in this area as well. In the meantime you indeed need compositing for using it with Second Life based Machinima.

About ease of use: We currently put a lot of effort into our Documentation to give recommendations for workflows. That should help a lot to get users started. However the entire topic is really complex and you need a few skills to become a master. But i believe that Avastar can make novice and professional users much more efficient once all workflows have been sorted out.


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