Friday, March 29, 2013

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Strange & Beautiful Second Life Sim Briefly Open to Public

Black Kite Second Life site

Avatars in Motion has the news of a strange and beautiful Second Life sim called Black Kite that's usually private but is now open to the public for a limited time. I love the house rules:

"The only rules are don't fly over 100 meters and don't go in their house (it's the one with the bed)."

Fair enough! More info and pictures here on Avatars in Motion. Direct teleport SLurl is here.


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Inara Pey

Black Kite isn't "briefly open to the public" - nor does the Avatar in motion blog post imply that it is.

Theblackcloud Oh has long had her region open to the public, so long as they obey the rules.

The only thing which has changed vis-a-vis the reigon is that Theblackcloud Oh has has to turn-off object entry (Build), on account of people pitching up an abusing the privilege.

I've been there many a-time (as have many SL photographers and bloggers), and blogged about it last year.

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