Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Cool Web App Shows You What a Face Looks Like Were It Painted by Artists - Works With Avatars!

SL avatar art face converter

Face of the Future is an old but cool Java-based web app someone just sent my way -- upload a face photo (i.e. yours), designate the location of the eyes and mouth, and the program depicts the face as it would look like, were it painted by one of many artists. The neat thing is Second Life avatar faces are realistic enough so you can use a screencapture of those too. So that's my Hamlet avatar above transformed to look as if I was painted (from left to right) by Botticelli, El Greco, and Modigliani. You can also transform the face to look like another gender, or different race/age range.

Performance tip: Seems to work best if the photo/screenshot is one where the face is looking straight on, making eye contact with the viewer. (It gets lopsided otherwise.) I'd love to see more like this, and more dramatic than mine.

Hat tip: Rita King.

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Robin Williams

Very good app for the mobile, these looks pretty good and innovative. We can make many good facial expressions by using these apps. I think apps like these are really helpful to increase the mobile and tablet market in the world as people cannot get all these facilities anywhere else and use of these kinds of apps make mobile more useful.

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