Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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gamesGRABR: Like Pinterest for Games, But More Interesting


gamesGRABR is a new service now in Beta that I just heard about at GDC (where I am all this week), and the quick and dirty summary is it's Pinterest for games. So, instead of Pinning various content you find on the web, you Grab it with a button you install on your browser. But while the Pinterest comparison is roughly true, it doesn't quite capture all the cool features gamesGRABR has now, and is expected to have in the coming months. For one thing, a Grabbed game is automatically connected to the site (Amazon, Google Play, etc.) where you can buy it. And since it shows how many people have Grabbed a particular game, and the games your friends like, it goes a long way to solving the discoverability problem -- i.e., how do I find the game I want to play most from the tens of thousands out there?

I also like that you can create customized game collections around a theme of your choice. So for example, I created a World Creators collection and put Second Life, Minecraft, and Cloud Party up in there. Another cool feature: There's a Play It button for web-based games like Cloud Party, and clicking that automatically launches the game.

Like I said, there's a lot more features coming soon (the CEO walked me through his plans at a hotel bar), which I expect they'll announce later on. Meantime, if you do give it a shot, feel free to follow me and my Grabbing.

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