Monday, March 04, 2013

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This Gorgeously Grim Indie Game Endorsed by Peter Molyneux Needs Your Help on Kickstarter!

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If you had told me one month ago that the Kickstarter campaign for this colorful little strategy game about the black plague would be looking at merely 1/3rd of the funding they needed two days before their deadline, I might have laughed in your face. Considering some of the things that have succeeded on Kickstarter, Death Inc. seemed like a sure thing. For heaven's sake they have a video of Peter Molyneux himself singing their praises, and a working demo to boot--what more could you want?

Death Inc.'s days on Kickstarter may be numbered, but I refuse to give up on this stunning little game, and here's why:


Death Inc. has dark humor in spades, and a bright and charming visual style. Since it's powered by Unity, there's a chance that the finished game could be brought to iOS devices as well as Mac and Windows, and the streamlined control scheme definitely seems like it would work beautifully with a touchscreen. The gameplay itself is just as intuitive as the controls, and while the demo level is very easy I can see how later levels could require much more tactical use of each class to reap the required number of souls.

Honestly I was surprised at how polished that first level was considering how early in development it is, but everything about Death Inc. is polished; I have no doubt that a team like this could make an incredible game.


There's still time for a Kickstarter miracle, and I'd encourage anyone with an interest in the game to head over and donate. While you're there you can also watch more video of the game in action, see more  screenshots and concept art, or try out the first level for yourself in their dual platform demo.

Games like this aren't cheap to develop, and teams of designers still need to eat even while developing a passion project. In a lot of ways this is why I wish more indie game designers would use alternative funding sites like IndieGogo (which would give them whatever they've earned even if they don't meet a goal), but unfortunately when you're asking for the absolute minimum that you need to produce a game like this, half the money might equal half the game--and from what I've seen of Death Inc. I doubt this group is interested in producing something half-assed.

Regardless, I've got my fingers and my toes crossed that even if their Kickstarter doesn't kick-off at the last minute they'll be able to find funding and support elsewhere (the project is also currently on Steam Greenlight) and bring this killer cute concept to fruition.

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