Wednesday, March 06, 2013

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Impressive Second Life Machinima Music Video Showcasing Great Visuals in Virtual Decay

This SL machinima music video by Japanese SLers umejintan Beck and sakurahime Resident came out last year, but I just stumbled into it today, and because it shows off some of the latest visual features of Second Life in a way I still don't typically see, I'm blogging it now -- watch:

I like to think it's about two adorable teen popstars who perform for their decadent but doting, Corvette-driving aunt and uncle, who live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but I could be wrong. In any case, watch closely at all the eye candy at play:

SL machinima

Dynamic shadow, to give the visuals depth, matched to depth of field and motion blur, which (ironically enough), makes the video seem more realistic, because it imitates the way real video and film is captured. More like this, machinimators!

As for the location, it's Virtual Decay, a shopping center "[r]esembling a secret government research facility" -- official site here.

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Thorgal McGillivary

so these two links probably wont do much for you?:


you really should check out .Cheesecake/Niki's SL/Machinima tho ... so is really doing some awesome stuff:

Orca Flotta

Oh my, now my favourite gas station in SL isn't a secret anymore :/ And I sooo loved to shoot photos there. Must find a new secret location now.

Dani Riaxik

Orca Flotta.....really secret? I don't think Virtual Decay has been a secret in years lol. Good luck finding your new secret place and here is a link for some great locations to take pics in the meantime <3!

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