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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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Rant on, Iris: Apple has never been known for its sense of humor, save for when they put iTunes out for Windows: Apple's site read "Hell just froze over."

As for Sweatshop? It's brilliant and Kafkaesque. It cuts too close to a lot of bones, since Apple is not the only firm getting its hardware from places none of us might wish to work (the Foxconn hoax aside).

And it can be played on the Web, thank goodness, right on my MacBook :D

Orca Flotta

It's not about Apple's view of the world, limited as it is, neither is it about political correctness. And the connection of sweatshops with Apple is only one aspect of the whole desastrous decision.

It's about freedom of choice.
It's about not accepting bullkrap from a hard/software supplier.
It's about not letting them rule over you.
It's about not letting them control your media consumption, steering your thoughts.

So I'm happy to report that we binned our last iMac some years ago. And won't touch their evil products ever again. Same goes for MS, Google, Amazon and some other IT providers. Once they start making me feel like they are trying to rule over me I'm outtie ;)

Arcadia Codesmith

The Internet is problematic as a free speech forum exactly because so much of it is in private hands, and those entities are under no legal obligation to protect free speech or expression.

We don't see a problem with this when it's speech we strongly disagree with. But the same censorship that can keep discussions civil and on-topic can also be used to suppress any speech critical of the forum operator.

I don't have an easy answer. If I were an Apple consumer, I wouldn't want to see a flood of apps promoting hate philosophies or cyberbullying or objectification of people. But as a free speech advocate, I understand that the only way to avoid suppression of speech I value is to allow expression of speech I abhor.

And while I recognize the right of a private company to control their forums, app stores, and other avenues of expression, I'm concerned that moderated, censored venues have largely displaced open free-speech commons.


I am reading this blopg post from my iphone. I think there was a time when apple products had their value as innovation drivers and providers of simple user interfaces. But others have learned from them and theses censorship stories really allienate me from the apple brand. For me it's time to move on.

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