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Monday, March 18, 2013


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Damien Fate

James is fantastic, I always love his photos - one of my fave bloggers!

Renmiri Writer

What no "Fabio" body and mane ? A man with normal shoulders ? No 6 pack ? No bling ???

You sure this is Second Life ?

Refreshing to see that the pimp style is going out of fashion on SL ^^

Adeon Writer

There are three types of SL avatars:

-Female Humans
-Fantasy Creatures

Well... At least that's always been my opinion until shots like these assure me that maybe I'm just not looking hard enough to build a look that I like. Fabios are done a dozen and I couldn't be less interested.

Creators of male content: more of this, please, and one day I'll feel comfortable with an avatar that has skin instead of fur.

Tracy Redangel

While we're all decrying the end to the Fabios, at the same time can we get rid of those horrible baggy/skinny jeans some males like to wear? You know...the ones that drag down off their butt and look like they're wearing a pair of Depends underneath? O.o

Adeon Writer

I feel so sorry for any readers named Fabio.


I love their pictures, but the first one is decidedly not ironic. Or are they portraying UK hipsters, after a trip to Harrods?

Here the Hipster look is much closer to picture two, with many tats of course.

Adeon Writer

Iffy: there are stereotypes for hipster dress, sure, but at it's core it's about taking clothing from other eras, eras, statuses, and stereotypes that are not their own, and mixing them together. No one, at least posers, actually ADMITS to being a hipster. It's like the age old rule of cool: if you think you're one, you're not.


CronoCloud Creeggan

A least the girl doesn't have a oversized glasses, pasty skin, a frowny face and legs set wide enough apart to throw a melon through.

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