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Monday, April 15, 2013


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JoJa Dhara

I never forget the speeches of all mighty Philip Linden telling that he wanted to give people land, buildings tools and be creative and what they did was they created a house a dog a car...

A limited created all beyond our imagination... Fun to see that people want to recreate SL...as the house the dog the car...

I adore cloudparty but do not want to recreate but see Cloudparty as a new world with own identity.

But in that case what are the basics for a user created virtual world?

True are the basics for a user created virtual world.

* easy download interface
* good building tools
* proper chat / instance message
* Voice (optional)
* media audio / video
* groups (optional)
* exchange currency (optional)

Honest as they know I hope for an another great feature that will be more advantage of the rest.
From Virtual to Real.



I had a try on cloudparty. There is no incentive reason for me to create anything. Building tools to me the feeling is not well. It is difficult to say what is wrong with them, it just too primitive or nor of good control. I dislike the graphic, but if it can use on mobile with browser, it can be tolerated. I find that the answer is not, at least, on ipad. IMHO, I even don't think Second Life can success to recreate content again from the fresh nowday. At least, I think user create content strategy won't for CP in any near future. Besides, social content is none at the moment. I would revisit it a year later, if it is still here around.

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