Tuesday, May 07, 2013

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Strange and Beautiful SL Machinima from William Weaver an Egyptian Artist

OK this is among the most excellent Second Life machinimas I've seen in quite some time, so you should darken the lights and just click play:

It's shot by an SLer named William Weaver Eslam T2 (known as TheT2Day on YouTube)... at least I think so, because the video description is in Arabic and Mr. T2 is apparently Egyptian. I've never seen any of his machinimas before, but this is someone with talent and technical skill to burn. To wit:

SL machinima

It's not just the use of rapid editing and bravura camera shots, but the deep and professional use of depth of focus, dynamic lighting, and Second Life WindLight settings too, not to mention the stylized, elongated avatars, and the dream-like settings, like Salvador Dali on a high fashion shoot. All of that works together to create some visuals I've never quite seen before, yielding a version of Second Life that seems fresh and beautifully strange. I expect I'll be watching much more machinima from William Weaver Mr. T2. soon.

Much thanks to Eddie Stryker, who blogged about these videos first.

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Sunbeam Magic

Wow... mesmerizing and superb quality! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and watched it twice! You are so right when you said "among the most excellent Second Life machinimas I've seen". Thank you for sharing! ♥

Spiral Silverstar

This looks like a ripoff of another Very talented mafchinimist/photographer, William Weaver.


Wagner James Au

Thanks, proper credit given!

Harper Beresford

William is not Egyptian. Ha! He's a nice American guy. I guess you have that already but just wanted to reiterate. He is also the guy who made the Phototools that were embedded in the later versions of Firestorm, which would be wonderful to use if the client worked for me anymore.

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