Thursday, May 02, 2013

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"Second Life", LA Art Gallery Show Inspired by Second Life

Lisa Adams Second Life art

"Second Life" is the name of a new show at the CB1 gallery in Los Angeles by Lisa Adams, a painter of some renown, and yes, it's inspired by Second Life itself -- or more specifically, as the gallery write-up explains, "the performance art of Jon Rafman, whose avatar Kool-Aid Man bedevils the simulated online game, Second Life." You can also see the paintings from the series online here; they're pretty striking. Rachel Kennedy, editor-in-chief of digital arts site Moholy Ground and the art scholar in our household, puts it more eloquently than I ever could:

"They have formal features that harken to surrealist collage and European abstract expressionism (which overlaps with constructivism). In a certain sense it reflects a post-modern pastiche that doesn't enforce a juxtaposition -- it is what is. Like Second Life." Show runs until May 12th at 207 West 5th Street.

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