Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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This June, The Arcade's SL Gacha Festival Will Have Something For Just About Everyone

Arcade Apple Fall
Janine "Iris Ophelia" Hawkins' ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style

The Arcade, one of my absolute favorite shopping events, will be opening its doors in 3 days... And I can't wait. If the name doesn't ring any bells, here's the skinny: During this semi-regular event, the beautiful boardwalk-inspired arcade build is filled with gacha machines, which dispense exclusive goodies from amazing top-tier designers at startlingly low prices. The catch is that the items are dispensed randomly, with certain items being rarer than others, and shoppers often exchange items with each other to get what they want most.

All in all it's a great place to pick up a pretty eclectic range of virtual products and, based on previews that participating designers have started sharing, this upcoming round of The Arcade doesn't look like any exception to that. For example...

Apple Fall's Breakfast at Tiffany's set looks like it will be a gorgeous addition to any digital household. Even if it's not your cup of tea (though there is a cup of tea available) be sure to at least check out the other preview shots of this gorgeous set on Apple Fall's Flickr, which include some breathtaking SL snapshots, as well as renders of the products outside of SL.

Arcade Pink Fuel

I'm a sucker for a new Pink Fuel skin, and designer Mochi Milena is once again previewing an upcoming skin line through a limited event. I'm eager to get my hands on Harley, which features some of Mochi's most beautifully-made lips to date. And what about that adorable nose?

Arcade BCC

These uber-cute apple flats from :)BCC have also stolen a freshly-cored slice of my heart. The different color combinations really pop, and the stitched leather look is just delicious. Golden delicious. Apple jokes.

Arcade Secret Store

These Rag Doll mesh avatars from the Secret Store come with an AO and, if the past is any indication, may become one of the hottest items out. Adorable mesh avatars like seem to do quite well at The Arcade, and SL fashionistas definitely enjoy dressing their virtual dolls up like real ones, so keep your eye on these avs.

Arcade Standby

Now, if all that is a bit too frou-frou for you, Standby's high-quality low-impact instruments might be your jam instead. Guitars, drum kits, even a ukelele will be on offer for more musically-inclined avatars, and I have it on good authority that they totally rock. Music jokes.

Arcade Schadenfreude

I used to collect dress forms in SL to scatter around my skybox, and while I've fallen a bit behind on the latest and greatest mesh dress forms out there now I'll definitely be snagging a couple of these figures from Schadenfreude. I enjoy the multiple nods to nerd culture in among all that high style, and the color-changing base makes these pretty damn versatile.

Arcade silentsparrow

A clutter of colorful corgis, courtesy of silentsparrow! Need I say more? 

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Tracy Redangel

Oh my poor wallet! LOL I love the Arcade! This time I'm going to wait a while to get in, and also just go to the yard sales. My friend had a great idea. Since all the items are transfer, why not take an Alt shopping instead of your main avatar? This way, you don't clog up your main avi's inventory :D

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