Monday, May 06, 2013

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Looking Forward to This Month's Collabor88? Here's Why You Should Be!

Collabor88 may yummy sunbrella glasses
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The 8th might be my favorite date, because that's when Collabor88 throws open its doors for a new round of cleverly themed shopping every month. Collabor88 May will be open to the public this Wednesday, but many creators are already teasing what they'll have on offer for this round's Rain or Shine theme. Keep reading to see what's in store!

Polyester Partridge of Yummy took the May theme quite literally. I'll be surprised if her retro sunglasses don't pop up in a lot of early swimwear and summer-related fashionista blog posts, and her bold floral "sunbrella" is likely to be a hot item among the less-than-beachy set. Each come in several different colors, ready to match just about any summer ensemble.

Collabor88 may nylon outfitters nails

Polyester's sister, Nylon Pinkney of Nylon Outfitters, is another Collabor88 regular. Lately she's been on a bit of a nail art bender, making incredibly unique mesh nails using her own distinct art style. In addition to some stunningly printed dresses, Nylon will be offering the nails shown above (a must-have for both real and virtual manicure mavens.)

Collabor88 may intrigue earrings

Intrigue Co. can always be relied on to bring a touch of the adorable and the absurd to the walls of Collabor88, and this month they're no exception. The jewelry set pictured is sweet and versatile, but if you're inclined towards something a bit sillier they've also made a rainbow umbrella hat for avatars with a sunny sense of humor.

Collabor88 may Glam affair margot

For slightly more serious fashionistas, Aida Ewing of Glam Affair will be selling two variations of the stunning Margot. Europa is a fair tone fostered by overcast skies, while India is a beautifully deep tone from much sunnier circumstances. if you're looking to upgrade your skin (and stick to a budget) you'll definitely want to give this line a shot.

Remember, you can get all the items shown above and much much more at this month's Collabor88 when it opens on Wednesday, May 8th. Just remember that when this round is over, many of these items will be gone for good, to grab them while you can!

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