Friday, May 10, 2013

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State of the Av: The Virtual Future's So Bright, I Need to Wear Cybershades

May fashion 1
Janine "Iris Ophelia" Hawkins' ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style

This month an item I'd been waiting ages to get finally came out. Even better, something I didn't even know I needed came out alongside it... Lucky me, the pair happen to coordinate perfectly together. I've mixed them in with some oldies-but-goodies for my SL avatar's current look, so here's the full breakdown:

May fashion 2

ContraptioN's Meltdown Shades were an unexpected find at this month's round at Collabor88 [SLURL]. They offer a unique perspective on the "Rain or Shine" theme of the event to say the least. These pulp-futuristic glasses come in both yellow and light blue, and are phenomenally detailed. They're just so damn cool. Anyone with sci-fi leanings would have to be crazy not to snap these up before they're gone at the end of the month.

The Paneled Patent Dress from Leverocci is absolutely one of the best items at this month's FaMESHed, a showcase of new and original mesh designs [SLURL]. I've been drooling over preview pics of this dress on designer Jin Elfan's Plurk for what feels like ages. Even though it's supposed to be patent leather, when I look at it i can't help but see metal panels instead. It looks like something you'd expect to see on a Janelle Monae album cover. It's just an extraordinarily structured piece by a very talented digital designer.

I finished this outfit with Truth's relatively recent Crys hairstyle [SLURL] [SL Marketplace] modified to add a slight metallic shine, Curio Obscura's high-detail Clockwork Automaton Lady skin in black [SLURL] [SL Marketplace], and Pink Fuel's INK Lipgloss tattoo layers [SLURL] [SL Marketplace]. It's all downright cyberchic.

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Wolf Baginski

A bear is certainly struck by the look of that AV, but does not think it a good idea to say more, lest he be chased around the sim with an axe by his ever-loving vixen.

Lauren Weyland

I bought both Rain and Shine. Rain has improper script. I tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with creator about this but no reply. I'd be careful about buying these knowing there is a borked script and no creator to resolve the issue.

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