Thursday, May 09, 2013

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Strangelings Virtual Pets Auction for Up to $30 in Real Cash

Strangelings Virtual Pet Auction System

Strangelings, the cross-platform virtual pet game from Linden Lab veterans, has gained nearly 2,500 players since launching last month, and recently launched an Auction House where players can sell their pets for real money. Most recently, one pet went for USD$30.

"The Auctions run live with real-time chat and live bidding with the seller making money from their animals," Strangelings head developer Chris Collins tells me. "Strangelings could be the first casual game that offers this kind of capability." (Offhand, I think that sounds right.)

As I said, Strangelings was founded by Linden Lab vets, most especially Collins, who was an executive during Second Life's salad days. And he's learned a lot from those times that he's applying to Strangelings, he tells me:

"What I learned from Linden Lab which informs this game? That allowing users to own aspects of, and make money from the game creates a really fun and interesting community that is great to work with. Also, having some form of user generated content allows the user to create. For us we do the above through the use of the Auction House and using genetics in the breeding process."

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Dawny Daviau

I play it and LOVE it! There is just 1 problem with it. There are not enough auctions to put your pet up for sale which means in order to breed on you need to put money in the game or complete achievements to pay for breeding slots and those achievements you get with breeding! Now it took me a month to have good pets which I don't want to destroy so my game is on a hold now until they have more auctions.


How do I put my pet in auction? I sent it to the site, but I have no button to auction it

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