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Animal Crossing: New Leaf's Screenshot Feature Rocks, And It's The Future of Console Gaming

Mustache fashion New Leaf
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I've only had Animal Crossing: New Leaf for a couple days now, but I can barely pry myself away. It has a mix of everything it takes to get me hooked on a game: customization, humor, freedom... And screenshots. Animal Crossing is currently the only 3DS game outside of Japan that supports taking screenshots in-game (by pressing the left and right triggers simultaneously). Not only that, but Nintendo's made it incredibly easy to send your pictures straight from your 3DS to Twitter and/or Tumblr to share with your friends.

It may not seem like much, but this is a pretty big deal. Here's why:

Aquarium New Leaf /></a></p>
<p>Sharing is a hot topic in gaming right now. I don't mean sharing copies of a game (though that's also a big deal), but sharing your world and your experiences in play with others through screenshots and video capture. It's no coincidence that both the PS4 and the Xbox One will have built-in streaming features. Currently, streaming from a console requires 3rd party equipment than 
can be rather expensive, which translates to streaming services being 
overwhelmingly dominated by PC-based content (and older consoles that 
are easily emulatable on PC, by extension).</p>
<p>Game streaming isn't something that everyone can appreciate, and everyone who watches streams has different preferences. Some people prefer to watch high-level gameplay and admire the skill of the player or offer tips, others enjoy watching games they remember fondly or are curious about to get a taste without committing to a playthrough themselves. Personally I watch game streams to follow entertaining personalities, while skill and subject are sort of secondary concerns.</p>
<p>Meanwhile the <a class=WiiU doesn't have native streaming support, but it does allow players to take screenshots in just about every game to share with others. This is actually a feature they tested out on Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii, which allowed you to take pictures in-game which were saved on your SD card. New Leaf's screenshots are saved similarly, meaning that you can send them out right from your 3DS or transfer them to your computer.

No matter how interested/disinterested you are in game streaming, everyone can enjoy a funny or even beautiful screenshot, though this is another area where PC games dominate their competition on consoles. When I was playing visually stunning Bioshock Infinite earlier this year I took over 800 screenshots, to the point that a friend writing about the game came to me with a laundry list of scenes and scenarios he wanted pictures of, and I was able to fulfill almost every single request immediately. I took funny shots, sad shots, shots to Tweet, shots to use as desktop wallpaper... And from a press perspective, it allowed me to give my articles on the game much more personality (and unique content) than promotional images would. I'm probably a bit of an extreme case, but consider this: The more user-taken pictures/videos are out there, the less people will see the same official materials recycled, and the more new perspectives on the game will emerge.

And, of course, there's no better publicity for an entertainment product than seeing a friend enjoy it in real-time, or even being able to visually follow one of their wacky "You'll never guess what happened in this open-world game" stories. We rely less on gaming magazines and more on bloggers, Redditors, friends and family to sell us on a game, and sharing screenshots can play a huge part in that.

The again, none of this is news to those of us who are fans of MMOs/virtual worlds.

Ladybro New Leaf

Animal Crossing's easy screenshot tools make it easier than ever to show off your house, your town, your outfit, your accomplishments... Though in my case, I use it mostly to share the ridiculous shit my neighbours say. Either way, I hope more console games will embrace and integrate these kinds of feature in the future, as they're one of the most significant factors keeping me comfortably attached to PC gaming.

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CronoCloud Creeggan

There are a few PS3 games that have in-game screenshots of the ones that I have these do:

Playstation Home (and supports video as well)
3D Dot Game Heroes.

The weird thing is that many PS3 games make a screenshot for the save game icon!

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