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Monday, June 10, 2013


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Wait. Wait. I saw people talking about that, and I rolled my eyes thinking, oh, just another stupid gamer dudebro making another stupid gamer dudebro rape joke off the cuff without thinking, there'll be some defensive bitching about how girls can't take jokes and it'll blow over.

But...somebody actually scripted that? That was purposeful? Somebody thought that would be a funny, appropriate thing to say at a corporate-sponsored launch?

What. The. Camel-humping. Fuck.

Madagascar Few

Just, seriously, what the fuck, exactly, is wrong with these fucking toolboxes?

Wagner James Au

They are soaking in a culture of fucking toolboxness is the problem, and didn't even realize it was a problem.

Arcadia Codesmith

I guess we now know definitively what "microsoft" actually refers to.


Microsoft's game division has been a bright spot in what is otherwise a lumbering, tone-deaf colossus.

Gamer-boys have always needed to grow up. Here's proof that the rot goes all the way to the top of the industry. I hope the ladies can change this.

Iris Ophelia

I'd argue it's not *just* up to the ladies to change it. Jonathan Blow sure isn't a lady. :)

James Sweet

@Vaki: Just to be clear, the OP is *speculating* that it was scripted. We don't actually know for sure.

In either case, Microsoft has some 'splaining to do. Even if it was an off-the-cuff remark, they ought to apologize.


While watching I didn't get that impression at all. The whole script before the comment was how one person was the game's producer using a promoted Mad Catz arcade stick and the other person was neither the game's producer or using the new-fangled promoted product.

So for me it came off very much the same as every other E3 demo where an expert is pitted against a common Joe for entertainment value. Like when Shaun White played that snowboarding game on the Wii Board with Nintendo's Cammie some years ago. It didn't give me a vibe of "oh look a male overpowering a female because girls aren't good at games".

But, its impossible to tell someone how they should feel about a comment. Anyone who was offended by it can't be anything but right since they were infact offended. I especially think the ones that watched live and saw it in context without reading any backlash first are genuine in their feelings and it's unfortunate and hopefully Microsoft and other future speakers period learn from it, but, I bet a lot less people would be offended if this whole thing hadn't snowballed far from full context. And largely beginning with one indie developer, Jonathan Blow, who does little else than harp on Microsoft endlessly anyway.


I have heard that the "booth babes" (pretty girls in game costumes, flashing cleavage or thighs) completely disappeared from E3. Is it true? Isn't it a good sign that game industry has realized that "player" is not the same as "man"?

Iris Ophelia

@Flo3 Sadly not true. There are definitely fewer than there once were, and they're not hanging out in bikinis and shit anymore, but they're still there. Actually for some demos, they have the hardware (like handheld consoles) tethered to the booth babe, like her wrist or her waist? Kinda creepy. Some also had straps that said "booth babe" right on them. This info is all according to some journalists/developers I've heard talking about it and, to their credit, acknowledging how gross and tone deaf it is.


Even if it was two dudes, it still wouldn't be ok. Rape isn't funny.

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