Monday, June 17, 2013

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Otterly Adorable: New SL Mesh Avatars By Anya Ohmai Are Making Waves

Takuma otter av
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Summer-themed shopping event Summerfest [SLURL] opened last week, and already their Flickr group is being dominated by an obvious fan favorite: Otters.

Pudgy, squishy, cheerful (and very well accessorized) mesh otters by Anya Ohmai of Nuwiggles, to be specific. Though they also come it a carry-able pet form, these articulated mesh otter avatars are quickly becoming a top trend among lighthearted fashionistas and photographers alike. Looking at the pictures they're producing (including Takuma Kawashima's, shown above) it's easy enough to see why...

Anya Otters
They're adorable. And the more you do to/with them, the more adorable they get. Just check out that pic by creator Anya Ohmai, or even this clip by newreem Waffle:


... Or take some time to skim through the deluge of otter pics in the Summerfest Flickr pool. Those little potbellied fuzzballs are utterly (or otterly, if you will) irresistible.

Nuwiggles otters

Much like the dwarf hamsters avatars from The Arcade last fall (coincidentally made by Anya's RL sister) these ultra cute otter avs are a must-have. You can pick them up at Summerfest [SLURL] until June 29th, so don't dawdle if you want to get your paws on one!

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Takuma Kawashima

Thanks for making my lil otter dude famous.

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