Friday, June 21, 2013

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Immersive Soundscape of Real Voices Celebrating SL10B

SL10B installation

Click here to be immersed in Dizzy Banjoy's SL10B installation, a giant bottle that contains the voices of many SLers reflecting on the world's 10th anniversary. The accomplished metaverse and iOS developer created a similar project for SL's 5th anniversary, and tells me he noticed a discernible change in the recordings SL users sent him:

Message in a bottle SL10B 3

"5 years ago," he says, "far more comments like 'I want SL to become as commonplace and ubiquitous as the web', 'this is the future of everything', etc. Now, far more about personal engagement and creativity. I've sort of mixed them up in the experience and it's blended with an interactive music experience, which has a tone of looking back at that past with fondness and sadness in some ways, but also happiness at the enjoyment people still have from SL and how important it is for people today." That said, you can hear it for yourself here.

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