Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Lindens Love Walking Second Life's 10 Year Milestone Trail

Second Life 10 year walk

Click here to visit an installation for SL10B that Marianne McCann has made, which traces the 10+ year history of Second Life, through billboards and 3D totems that signify milestones for each year. Above is me by the 2003 tax revolt milestone, which has special resonance for me. I first heard about this walk from ex-Linden Teagan Linden, who told me why she loved it so:

"Working at the Lab, I'd get so caught up in the day to day that I didn't spend much time reflecting on how much we were shaping the history of Second Life. SL's story, to me, was all that happened before I arrived - stories from friends, from your book - things I'd missed out on. The walk is a wonderful reminder that history is ongoing - and how honored I am to have been a part of it. I'll always love Second Life and the people who make it what it is - Residents and Lindens alike." That said, you really need to click and visit.

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Marianne McCann is an amazing person and i'm ashamed that i visited the spot without noticing that it was her build!
A trully revealing of all LL history, not hinding any facts and very easy to understand and enjoy!

Marianne McCann

Glad you enjoyed the build: was fascinating to create, really. All the time spent researching, looking at photos and objects, and seeing how it all fit together. Shame it does not at this time have a place to go after the 29th, but perhaps that makes it all the more special. :-)

Uccello Poultry

This just in: If you want to visit the exhibit after SL10B, climb into Mari's 90,000+ item inventory.

By the way, check out her Flickr group for people who take pictures of themselves in front of "their year's" section.

jo yardley

LL should move that display to a permanent SL museum!

Dizzy Banjo

Great work Mari!

colleen Criss

Marianne did a fabulous job on her SL10B History Walk. It would be nice if it found a permanent home, so it can be added too for the future residents to celebrate as well!


The real fun starts when you find that you actually HAVE some of the items on display in your inventory, including a much loved Dominus Shadow. Has it really been that long.

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