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Monday, June 10, 2013


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Hitomi Tiponi

I don't buy this Hamlet - the liking for fantasy-inspired games is generally Asia-wide. I believe a lot of this is developed from Chinese cartoons and Japanese Manga and other cartoon media. There is less of a desire for full reality in other media there, with more emphasis on expressions and emotions, than in the West. Chinese films have always had less of a realistic feel - just thing of the over-choreographed fight sequences - and are more focussed on the awkward decisions needed to stay 'good' rather than blasting the bad guy.

Arcadia Codesmith

In the Western MMO space, dystopian themes haven't really captured a big piece of the market. Fantasy and space opera predominate. They're more visible in single-player, but those are finite stories with an end, not typically virtual places you inhabit for months or years on end. It works for FPS, but then, any backstory that leads to unending pointless conflict works for FPS. Intricate narrative just gets in the way of fragging.

Dreary and downbeat are dreary and downbeat wherever you live.

Wagner James Au

"In the Western MMO space, dystopian themes haven't really captured a big piece of the market."

True -- and that's why I said games and mentioned the single-player Deus Ex. Games like that are popular in the US/EU and Japan (the fully developed world) in ways you don't see in China.

Arcadia Codesmith

As far as the single-player market goes, I'm not surprised that the standard trope of a cyberpunk milieu, subversive action against an inequitable, monolithic, corporatized central authority, plays better in the West.

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