Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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Celebrate SL10B With Official Merch on the SL Marketplace

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If you're in the mood to dress up to celebrate Second Life's 10th "birthday", the official SL10B store on the SL Marketplace is a good place to start. The aptly named Shopkeeper Linden is giving away several items including tshirts and a festive mesh bear which, if you're clever, can be separated from its SL10B accessories leaving a rather versatile free animal avatar behind.

Of course, I can't help but look this gift bear in the mouth.

Hopefully more items will be added before the celebrations are over, including the well-made mesh letterman jacket being advertised on the front page of the SL Marketplace. So far what's on offer isn't bad but in some cases it seems to make use of templates, which isn't exactly ideal for content coming right from the lab. Even the bear is almost suspiciously high quality compared to his accessories. In all cases, the product photography could stand to be better. Product quality aside, looking at these listings reminds me a little of the listings in the bad old days before LL acquired the Marketplace. It's fine, but it could be so much better.

Okay okay, I'll admit I'm sort of nitpicking, but I suppose I'm still waiting for LL to really blow me away with promotions like this, and they never really do. This is just one more case where I think direct involvement with top-tier creators would have been a better way to go. Second Life is all about the community, after all, and what better time to really demonstrate that than SL10B?

Then again... Free swag is free swag, right? Don't miss out!

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Cube Republic

Shame the bears mouth isn't articulated.

Damien Fate

Yeah, when ARE we getting those jackets? XD

Adeon Writer

For a while, one item was appearing every day. Then the stopped.

Kind of mean to show those nice jackets on the banner ad. :P

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