Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Success Kid Meme Comes to China, Becomes Advice Kid

Success Kid in China

I was in Shanghai scrolling through my WeChat social media updates recently, when I discovered that Success Kid, the Internet meme beloved in the West, had somehow made it to China. He even came with a macro made of Chinese characters, and so I had to ask a local friend what Success Kid was saying in her native tongue:

"It's saying that girls should chase their dreams by themselves, not rely on others," she told me. Which sounds like sound counsel if you ask me, so apparently, Success Kid has come to China to become Advice Kid.

My friend says variations of Success Kid/Advice Kid have been popping up in China's social networks since the last few days. I told her Success Kid actually started in the US, and at this she was surprised.

"We call him Success Kid," I told her on WeChat.

"Oh really?" She laughed at that. "I think he spread it to China."

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I wonder how each culture really interprets his expression - the thing I find fascinating is "Success" Kid was around for several years as an angry toddler saying "I hate sandcastles!" before somehow people decided he was going "Yesss" instead of being angry.

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