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Wednesday, July 03, 2013


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CronoCloud Creeggan

Oooh! Aion's F2P! I always wanted to try that. When I first saw it I wondered why they didn't do a PS3 version since it looks very Final Fantasy-ish. That Bard there looks VERY magical girl-ish and is adorable ...and the gunner fellow reminds me of Vincent from FF7.

As for FFIV... sigh. I "want" to play it, but FFXI was a massive grindfest filled with overly conformist Japanese players who would refuse to group with you if you tried to play your class any other way than the "prescribed" way. For example, you had to play your White Mage healer as a "staff chick cowering in the back" even if the class could equip some heavier armor and wield hammers battle cleric style and had skills that worked best when played as such!

Also FFIV is not F2P, and only comes out on the PS3 this year when the PS4 comes out this fall/early winter. Thanks a lot Square. They should have just given the races the FFXI names anyway, Hume, Elvaan, TaruTaru, Galka, Mithra.

I really don't have time to devote to MMO's, I can only play casually so end-game stuff is often out of reach for me and I'm a console gamer at heart. And I run Linux which is a whole nother kettle of fish.

Ciaran Laval

Downloaded Neverwinter the other day, haven't had time to play it yet but I was a big fan of Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights when I was a lad and just seeing the place names on the map was entertaining.

As an aside, when I first joined Second Life and saw people posting comments about NWN, I wondered what Neverwinter Nights had to do with Second Life, then I found this blog and it all fell into place!

Arcadia Codesmith

Wildstar is an MMO in beta that has some community-building aspects I find intriguing. I might give that one a shot.

MMOs have gotten so very casual-friendly in recent years that they bear little resemblence to the grind-fests of yesteryear. From my perspective, that was the wrong lesson entirely.

Yes, casual players ought to get fast, accessible, rewarding play. But you can't sacrifice depth and complexity. You need layers of play, so the casuals can be casual without the deep players getting bored and quitting.

Still waiting for an MMO that can adapt to the playstyle of the player, rather than forcing the player to adapt to the MMO.

Veritable Magic

I agree with Arcadia. And the customization on NWN really isnt that great since you barely see the results as you play. Plus all the items look pretty much the same. I played for 52 levels and the weapons always looked the same. And I was able to level up about 7 levels just by logging in and clicking one button every few hours. No joke. I got bored doing it. The game is good for quick action for about 20min but gets boring fast. The Foundry is its one trick pony. And dont get me started on those lockboxes you can only open with a key you have to spend rl money on.

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