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Friday, July 19, 2013


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Hitomi Tiponi

Great to see the report, and comments, on Kotaku are very positive. But then Kotaku always has a more open attitude (which is one reason why I like it) than many gaming culture blogs.

Hamlet Au

The Kotaku writer Mike Fahey is a legit SL fan, he's written about it many times.


Hamlet, you must be a clairvoyant. Or you just saw it coming...

Edelweiss stopped selling the gear for the game due to copyright claims. The battle arena is still up so that people who purchased it are at least not left with nothing.

It's a real pity!

Wagner James Au

Hi Pienaar, how do you know it was a copyright issue, was there an announcement?


Yep, just visited Edelweiss with some friends. Gears no longer for sale. Just a blank board is left. :(

Takuma Kawashima

The outfit itself was always free both in the store and on the marketplace but it has been pulled as well as the attack equipment.

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