Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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The Best of Hair Fair 2013 (As Worn By The Best of SL's Blogging Community)

Justyna Magne Tram
Janine "Iris Ophelia" Hawkins' ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style

Every year feels like "the best Hair Fair EVER!" so I bet it sounds pretty trite if I say this year it really might be. The quality standard of SL fashion is always climbing, so it's not terribly surprising that every year the styles seem better and better, but what's really setting this year apart is the quality of the event's coverage. Bloggers are going the extra mile to take eye-catching shots of the latest and greatest styles, and frankly anything I could do feels like it would pale in comparison.

Consider the pic above, for example...

Justyna Magne in hair by Tram

Justyna Magne's pictures for her blog, Just Magnetized, are often as polished as any professional magazine spread. She's got a knack for vibrant outfits and engaging layouts, and her Hair Fair shots are easily some of the best. On her Flickr page you'll find her as yet unblogged Hair Fair features arranged by brand. Tram's new styles are some of my favorites from the event, so it's only fitting that Justyna's dreamy layout of them is my favorite of her Hair Fair spreads as well.

December Larkham in hair by Ohmai

December Larkham Ohmai Frankie Athena

Anya Ohmai's Hair Fair blogging in past years has been the cream of the crop, easily the most beautiful blogging work the event had seen. That's why it's so appropriate that now that she's creating hairstyles herself, they're inspiring bloggers to follow in her footsteps with exceptionally artistic and stylized coverage. December Larkham's pics of Anya's Frankie, Athena, Kun and Joan are absolutely influenced by Anya's own style as a blogger, but still with a unique and personal flavor. December has clearly put a lot of thought into the characters behind each style, and the results are as inspiring as Anya's Hair Fair posts were in the past.

Newreem Waffle's Hair Fair Lookbooks


I'm a bit of a sucker for anything Newreem Waffle does, especially her lookbook posts. She's share a couple, inspired by various Hair Fair styles, which you can find here and here on her blog, Newreemism. Her outfits are always layered with details, and always feel so much more "real" than standard SL avatar fashion. There's a feeling of very natural and wearable clutter, the avatar is more like a notebook covered in découpage than a canvas with a handful of overly careful brushstrokes. Naturally, Newreem hasn't focused on any particular brand from Hair Fair, offering instead a pretty good variety of styles to compliment a variety of outfits.


Of course I can't end this post without talking about Seraphim's truly extensive Hair Fair coverage. If you want to browse everything that's on offer at the year's biggest fashion event, head over to their blog for detailed shots of every single booth. What must have been incredibly time-consuming for them will be a huge time-saver for you. Just remember to visit soon -- Hair Fair 2013 ends on July 28th!

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Pussycat Catnap

"Consider the pic above, for example..."

- Um... that was a horrid pic with very little variety.

The pic you have under "Newreem Waffle's" is a lot better done graphics-wise, but still has a horrid frown avatar showing off those styles.


I'm not sure how much variety you'd expect from an image containing a single person


I love the skin in the first photo, where is it from? And I need to visit HF!

Arcadia Codesmith

Go. See. Spend. Designers and their various significant others thank you :)

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