Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Continuing Expansion of User-Generated Content Platforms Beyond Second Life, Linden Lab Acquires Desura

Desura linden lab digital distribution

Desura is a digital distribution platform for user-generated game content like mods and screenshots, and also indie developer-made PC games; originally launched in 2009 from an Australian game company, it's now owned by someone else: Linden Lab, which just announced the acquisition for an unreported sum.

Curiously, I was just recently talking about Desura with a 12 year old Russian kid who read my game design book, and was thinking of uploading his 3D game project there. "It's a Steam-like game portal where you can buy game digitally," he told me solemnly. And yeah, the game development tools look pretty good. So this is Linden Lab's third PC-based UGC platform (after Second Life and Patterns), and follows on the heels of other recent Linden product launches/acquisitions: Blocksworld, Creatorverse, and Versu (for iOS), and Dio (for the web). With so many new products and purchases, one of them is bound to stick. Right?

Desura video demo after the break:

Desura M&B Player Intro Video - Desura

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Bixyl Shuftan

"With so many new products and purchases, one of them is bound to stick. Right?"

That does seem to be Linden Lab's other-than-Second-Life strategy.

Adeon Writer

Desura? I was under the impression that was a Steam competitor, just focused more on indie developers.

I have no idea if that's true or not, but that was my impression.

Adeon Writer

To append: Aha, I thought it was them. I have two games from that service. Purchased because I wanted the games, but they weren't available on Steam.

Metacam Oh

Throw enough turds at the wall eventually it will be brown.


This can only help Desura.

Say what you want about Linden Lab, but one of their few undeniable achievements is creating and maintaining trusted user-to-user economies. Second Life is one of few entities in the last few years I deal with on the regular that hasn't had to send out mass emails saying reset password, cancel credit cards, we're sorry for days of downtime, etc. etc.

Linden Lab is a great company to host user-to-user anything that involves money and 99.9% uptime.

I love this move much more than Patterns and all that other stuff. Occasionally Linden Lab falls off the wagon by trying to be a creator instead of doing what they do best, enable creators. They need to leave things like Patterns and Linden Realms alone and instead focus on Second Life and now Desura.


@ meta spoken like the delusional sandboxer you once was.

Frans Charming

Wow. I wonder if LL is working on something that they wanted to use this kind of technology but Valve/steam couldn't accommodate them.

Metacam Oh

@1993 Empty words from someone who cannot put a name behind the insult.

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