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Monday, July 22, 2013


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CronoCloud Creeggan

To me, most of those pics don't stand out, because they DO look "ulzzang" or like every other twee-girly cutesy pose fashion blog out there. Google image search for ulzzang and it looks like an SL blog...but with people.

Perhaps I'm a bit jaded, but I've been seeing pics like that since 2006, though in the old days the skins weren't as good and the current variants look more realistically Japanese or Korean than the old days. Similar shapes too.

But Loony did vary things in the past so it isn't all 12 year old Japanese/Korean girls making V-signs in a hoodie with rabbit ears all the time, and apparently she's running some kind of modded Skyrim that makes her Dovahkin pretty. And she apparently has a Taru-Taru...I mean Lalafell, in Final Fantasy XIV.

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