Thursday, July 25, 2013

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Love SL Shopping Fairs? Love a Great Cause? Check Out Love Donna Flora!

Love Donna Flora 1
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While Hair Fair is winding down (and wrapping up this weekend), an event to help raise money for beloved SL designer Squinternet Larnia's cancer care is just getting started. Love Donna Flora [SLURL] opened its gates today, and as a long-time fan of both the brand and the designer I made it a priority to swing by as early as I could. Here are just a few of my top finds:

Pink Fuel's Doll skin will be one of the items that just about everyone will be picking up. It definitely earns its name, given the porcelain skin tone and faded lip color and, as is often the case with designer Mochi Milena's event exclusives, the price is pretty damn low for a skin of this quality.

I'm also wearing a couple pieces from Eclectica's Rhapsody (in Blue) jewelry set, the necklace and brooch specifically. You can tell that many of the designers in this event have drawn inspiration from Squinternet Larnia's work, and this is especially true of jewelry like this. Rhapsody's art deco vibe makes it my favorite set from the event, and reminds me of exactly why I love Donna Flora's opulent SL jewelry line.

Love Donna Flora 2

LuVs' Vintage Chiffon dress won me over with its lace-laden charm, scalloped hem, and reasonable price. If you dislike template-based mesh clothing, then you may want to sniff around to see if the base model for this dress has turned up anywhere else -- given the price it seems likely. I didn't do any such sniffing however, because... Well... I don't really care. As long as the price is reasonable, the texturing well-done, the components acquired legally, and the end result distinct, template-based content just doesn't bug me. This dress may not be perfect, but it's damn cute.

I'm also using poses from Pretense's Irascible pose set, another exclusive available at Love Donna Flora. The only item pictured that's not from Love Donna Flora is my hairstyle, a Hair Fair release from Rosy Mood, called Daylily. There were several "hime" style cuts like this released at the event this year; while I snagged both this one and the one released by tram (and love them equally) the slightly more modest length of Daylily is better suited to this detail-heavy dress.

Remember, Hair Fair closes on July 28th, while Love Donna Flora is open until August 11th. If you're still in a fair frenzy even after you've finished with those two, there's one more event you might want to visit: Food Fair, a food-inspired (duh!) shopping event running until August 4th. Check their official blog for all the details.

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