Friday, July 12, 2013

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How Bright Does Project Sunshine Make Your Second Life?

Second Life Sunshine Server Side Baking

So I tried Second Life's new Project Sunshine viewer, which is intended to vastly improve avatar rendering speeds, and I have to say: It's pretty impressive. I tried it out in a couple Sunshine-enabled sims (full list here), and my avatar clarified almost instantaneously. Yes yes, I also crashed two times in the process, but hard to say whose fault that is. (What with me logging in from China, for one thing.) Alicia is even more impressed. How about you?


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Hitomi Tiponi

There is a crashing issue when you TP between Sunshine enabled and other sims (clearly only relevant until Sunshine rolls out across the entire grid) - maybe that is what affected you.


Did not find any issues with SSA regions.
I own one and teleporting from or to it from my other regions,for now still non ssa enabled, didnt cause any trouble.
So for me just the fact that i did not find any diff on a SSA region from a non SSA one is already good news!

Bixyl Shuftan

I use Singularity, which hasn't updated recently, though did update a few months ago in anticipationo of Project Sunshine. So far, the result is avatars taking slightly longer times to show color.

At the Relay For Life, I heard no shortage of commments, more than one asking, "Did Linden Lab HAVE to do that just before this weekend?"

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