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Thursday, July 18, 2013


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Damien Fate

Completely agree on all points, Cube World is a fantastic game and has totally replaced Minecraft when it comes to playing with my son :)


The game is a clone of so many that existed in the late 80's for the Sinclair spectrum or commodore 64!
graphics suck, still i ll have no doubt that many will consider its game play a good exchange!


I love the graphics. To me "3D Pixel Art World" would've been a more befitting title, but most befitting of all would've been "RPG World" or "Adventure World" or any descriptor related to gameplay rather than graphics style.

Unlike some other cube graphics game, be it Minecraft, Blockscape or similar, the cube graphics could entirely be swapped out for another style and great gameplay would still remain. In Minecraft, blocks can't be swapped out because they actually have a unit of meaning in gameplay and are more than just graphics.

Orca Flotta

Why don't I play Cube World? For the same reason why I don't play Minecraft, or Mario or ... fuck, any games at all.

It has absolutely no appeal for me. Not at all.

Is that a silly reason too?

Ordinal Malaprop

"There isn't a Mac version" is a fairly strong reason to be quite honest.

Iris Ophelia

@zzpearlbottom It's an RPG, and it doesn't stray too far from that format. I'd need some specific examples to really address any more than that. Also "graphics suck" is a pretty broad criticism. Why do you say they suck?

@Orca No, it's not. It's entirely valid. That's why I started off the article by saying "If you're simply not into RPG-style exploration and adventure (the core of Cube World gameplay) that's one thing."

@Ordinal It is. There's a Mac version in the works, but there's been no real timeline established for it. I'm playing it on my iMac via Bootcamp, which I know many people are not a fan of. I've long accepted Bootcamp as a necessity given my love of games, but it's not for everyone. There's a chance it might run in Crossover, PlayOnMac (a user-friendly wine skinner) or Parallels (probably the best bet of the three) but I haven't tested those routes myself.

CronoCloud Creeggan

No Linux version is another good reason.

Also: Paying money to play an alpha is another.

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