Friday, July 26, 2013

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Second Life Combat System Claims 80 Sims Using Its Engine

SL FPS system

Estelle Pienaar has an in-depth review of the Grim Combat System (GCS), which claims that 80 regions have shooter games created with its system. That's quite a lot, and reading Estelle's review, it's easy to see why:

GCS does not only provide weapons and a meter that measures the players health. They provide a whole game construction kit for region owners. The GCS system includes - amongst many other items - all kind of monster spawners; exploding cars, barrels and dumpsters; low lag city building kits; scoreboards; recovery systems; fog machines; breakable glas; quest items and even quest NPCs (non playing characters).

A zombie game called Axis of Evil is built with the GDC system, and while the graphics and the MOBs are pretty primitive, it looks like a genuinely fun game for that genre:

More about GCS here. Will be nice to see systems like this evolve in SL -- especially since we haven't heard much about Linden Lab's game system tools promised a couple years ago.

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Hamlet, thanks a lot for mentioning my blog. This is the greatest compliment I can imagine. :D

Hamlet Au

Glad to -- good blog post!

Pussycat Catnap

I've been to 50+ combat sims in SL. Maybe closer to 100+.

Across alts I have dozens of meters.

Most places use:

DCS, CCS, GM, one other I forget the name of, or a private meter.
(Not a fan of places that use GM, since its sexist by default.)

I've never heard of this one - nor seen it listed as supported on any of the weapon shops I've been too.

Mind you I'm not really an SL RPer, nor an SL combat person. I just like getting weapon props for some looks (Oh a pirate event, better go buy a sword and pistol, or "oh its viking night at club Z, and I don't have a giant axe yet... there goes 600L" or "this sci fi sim looks really neat, I need to get some kind of blaster rifle prop...")

Are these people new to the grid, or just using different search entries than everyone else?

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