Monday, July 15, 2013

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Zeega: User-Created Immersive, Interactive Media for the Web's Mobile Era

Zeega interactive animated gifs

Zeega is a new service for user-created interactive, shareable multimedia experiences online which I first explored a few months ago, and GigaOM just covered in detail last week. It's a bit like Linden Lab's dio, but is designed to be easier to use, and encourages users to combine audio, imagery, animated .gifs, and simple interactivity in a way that feels immersive and fresh -- especially on mobile, where you can interact with a Zeega via taps and swipes. Watch this Zeega based on a talk by Alan Watts to see (and hear) what I mean.

The goal, Zeega's co-founder Jesse Shapins told me recently, is that a user "can make something fairly interesting in just a few mins. Or you could spend more time to create the more multi-linear stories." Here's his advice on how to get started:

"We provide a quick walk through of the basic features on the Zeega site], and after just a few clicks you will have made a Zeega that combines an animated .gif plus audio. Then from there, it's interesting to start to add more pages, layer media and add links/interactivity." He and his team also select content from around the web anyone can use as a basis for building their own Zeega: "We've found it's quite a fun creative process to just start with one of these building blocks and then see where it leads you, instead of entering with a preconceived project. You basically don't have to have a specific project in mind. You can just login, start exploring, and pretty quickly have made something interesting."

More here. I'm curious to see what NWN's talented content creators come up with, so if you make a Zeega of your own, please share in Comments.

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