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Monday, September 16, 2013


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Cube Republic

Can you imagine TOS or no TOS if Linden Lab all of a sudden sold everyone's content. We're talking millions bits of content. I think there would be hell to pay.

Metacam Oh

Conspiracy theorists are just a natural part of the world. There are already people calling today's horrific DC Navy Yard shooting a false flag, so it really doesn't get more despicable than that.

While Jason's theory is wild, it is layered over a version of the truth which has been apparent for a long time now. The Lab is a corporation, it has no morals, it has no loyalties and has only operated in its best interests for some time now. Nothing they have done is for the user or the everyday person, so it's no wonder they would push the TOS and ownership rights as far as they can.

Timo Gufler

The facts are, that Second Life business is declining currently, LL new ToS opens them unpredictable new possibilities and its management wants to be quiet as usual. By changing their ToS, they took a risk of losing many talented content creators. In the current setting, when their competitors are getting stronger and stronger, such move looks foolish, in my opinion.


it's only rampant here and on SLuniverse, where crustys and sandboxers go to retire and gossip like people in a retirement home.

Arcadia Codesmith

The first rule of Law Club is nobody talks about Law Club. We're in a period where corporations clamp down on ALL employee communications via any medium out of an overblown fear of legal liability.


I doubt they are hiding so much!

Ajax Manatiso

Linden Lab has been sued several times by residents (remember Stroker Serpentine? ) for violating the copyright on their in-world creations, so now LL wants to make itself bulletproof -- by claiming you don't own anything you make, they do. They have been buried neck deep in DMCA complaints by residents who have been copybotted by other residents and demand action. This is an area of great liability for LL so, since they now own everything anyway, forget your silly copybotting complaint. It never was yours to begin with.

Emperor Norton

So opining LL is a business is the thinking of a conspiracy nut. How very gilibertarian of you Hamlet.

The fact is the Lidens are supposed to be the professionals in this and that means being able to anticipate customer's reactions like this. There is no reason why anyone should accept "Shut up, that is why" as an answer from someone they are paying money to.

Hitomi Tiponi

Just suppose that LL is considering an approach from a large company that wants to use the technology and content as a setting for it's own use. Just suppose that this is a company that many SL content providers would not consider doing business with. Just suppose that this company wants to make sure it has access to all the existing content and does not wish users to withdraw it. Just suppose - 'Faceworld'.

Aren't conspiracy theories fun :).


Terrible thought Hitomi but for Facebook or any is so easy , just forget about LL, grab Open sim and create a commercial grid!



A great topic to discuss, not the future of Sl, but of freedom in the metaverse!


Second Life is not a business to Linden Lab. Second Life IS Linden Lab.

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