Wednesday, October 02, 2013

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Coming Soon to Lumiya, the SL Viewer for Android: Improved Chat, Flexiprim Optimization (NWN Partner News)

Lumiya Second Life mobile Android

Lumiya is a well-reviewed Second Life viewer for Android phones and tablets created by Alina Lyvette, and now I'm proud to announce that it's also a sponsoring partner of New World Notes. Since its launch, I've been impressed by Lumiya's growing popularity among Android users, earning 20K active users in under a year, and Alina's continued efforts to improve and add features to her app. Speaking of which, in coming weeks, she'll add a couple a new features to Lumiya: Improved chat and flexiprim optimization.

What's that mean? Let Alina explain:

Improved chat in the form of a sliding gesture to switch between chat session and a contact list: "Useful in situations when chat session is opened by tapping on system notification, and tapping Back would then take you back to the other app that was active, and the only way to get to the contact list was to tap on another notification or go through task switcher or open Lumiya from the home screen... clumsy either way, so after playing a little with various options, I've decided to try sliding navigation (somewhat like it is done in Google Hangouts). It works already and I love how it works, but it still needs final touches."

Flexible prims optimization: "Flexibles in Lumiya are one of major things which impact the performance -- which is not surprising, given that they're computed on CPU side and, worse, in pure Java. Speaking in numbers, for a simple scene with two avatars in an empty Linden Home, each wearing fairly typical flexible prim hair, computing flexibles takes about 30% of CPU time per frame. I will try to do this in the native code or Renderscript. While I'm not expecting major framerate improvements from this optimization, it will have a large positive impact on battery life; freeing CPU to do other things means faster texture decompression, which means faster 'rezzing' - certainly a nice thing to have." She may implement that in the next Lumiya update, or another update soon after.

More Lumiya updates soon. I'm imminently stoked to help support an innovator as talented as Ms. Lyvette, and also support the growth of Second Life as a mobile-friendly experience -- while she helps support New World Notes.

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Could you ask if Lumiya will ever be available for Kindle Fire?

Adeon Writer

Very nice. This is definitely going to weigh in on what OS to get in my next phone.

val kendal

Lumiya is shockingly good, and well worth the low price for those times you need to jump in world quickly - it's a bit disconcerting/amazing though, the first time you 'see' yourself in world on your phone's screen and you can actually move around. Amazing job Alina!


If it's not available on the Amazon marketplace for Kindle,can the apk not be sideloaded, maybe an option to purchase wih paypal and downloaded directly. Perhaps Alina would consider making that option available.


IF there ever was a company/program that LL should pick up and run with it would be Lumiya!

My golly - running SL on Android.

The future IS HERE and it is really mobile.

Putting their full resources behind making Lumiya even better/more responsive would put SL available to a whole new audience.

just saying....


OK - one more time...

is this NOT the "killer app" for Second Life Mobile?

My golly! Being able to access Second Life on (85% of the worlds) cell phones?!

Is Linden Lab even awake!? They know MOBILE is the future - and the future is here!

Yes you have to pay for Lumiya now - of course - it is being developed by (I assume?!) ONE PERSON.

If Linden Lab put their full brain power behind this app, Second Life on Android would be on steroids.

ok. waiting now....

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