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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


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Ciaran Laval

Some really interesting concepts and ideas at play here, patience is the key here, it's going to take time but damn it sounds exciting!


philip who?
the one that once said that most SL users where crippled, old, poor?

Imagin Illyar

It is my understanding that Rosedale is developing a whole new virtual world, separate from Second Life:


He is still a part of that singularity cult like thing, I see.

I also find it disturbing that tech gurus like Rosedale are inspired by dystopic science fiction novels in which the vast majority of humanity is enslaved. The online world portrayed in Ready Player One was not good and author stressed that it was used as a tool for control.

Arcadia Codesmith

Grrr... I was just getting comfortable in my pit of despair in the stagnant swamps of virtual reality torpor, and BAM! Ray of hope right between the eyes.


I drank his utopian Kool-Aid once. This go-round I'll let the cup pass me by and wait, skeptically, to see if VR ever takes off. I suspect it to be the flying car of the 21st Century. I could be wrong--we did get the video phones promised us in 1968.

It only took 40 years.



nov 18th -weeks anniversaries and SF cult leaders for a second life...

"kool aid"- montoyo said.


Interesting. My guess though, because it involves Philip Rosedale and Linden Lab investors, is it wont come cheap and likely the price will be hiked at some point even if it starts reasonable at launch. Remember what happened with Second Life? And the Lab still wont drop the price even though it's in decline. That kind of takes some of the excitement out of it.


I just read that LL is one of the backers in this project, I wonder if this new world development has anything to do with LLs new TOS.
A new world is going to need lots of content and LL suddenly has a whole SL full of stuff they just stole from their users, just sayin.

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