Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Twilight Town Reborn in SL for Kingdom Hearts Roleplay

I first came across the Second Life tribute to Kingdom Heart's Twilight Town totally by accident in 2006, when I was randomly exploring the virtual world while giving a talk about it at a Creative Commons event in San Francisco. When it fully loaded, the audience gasped. It disappeared from the world for awhile (sad to say), but now it's back, and it's just as beautiful if not moreseo - watch:

Here's the official site. Direct teleport to the city here at this link.

There's also rules here for Kingdom Hearts-themed roleplay in the city, which are pretty elaborate -- such as:


We understand people might be visiting KH as a place for their own RP. And that is more than welcome. If you are playing a character that is not approved and part of the main group RP, we only ask that you keep your RP to yourself, not interrupting sim RP, or forcing others to take part in your RP. Example: If you and your friends are having a private Sora / Riku / Kairi RP, and anyone not in your personal RP comes into chat range, take it to IMs. it is not fair to confuse visitors, or to encroach on already in progress sim RP. People found forcing their non-approved characters into RPs will be spoken to by sim security.

Guess it takes a lot of trouble to make Twilight Town. By the way, the screenshot above is what it looked like 5 years ago, when I first blogged about it. Both versions of the city are lead created by the same SLer, Miles05 Reitveld. For his sake, I hope Square Enix has a good sense of humor about fan tributes like his.

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Hitomi Tiponi

It's a lovely place to walk around, especially the way they have made it appear to be 4 times larger than it really is. You get the feeling you are in a much bigger city.

Russ Moonites

I am actually a member of this community! It is actually quite gorgeous! I don't rp there for the moment. But i do hang out there as one of twilight town's residents. We just had an event yesterday where i Djed live for the first time. Anyways anyone who reads this and is a fan of the game, feel free to join us wither you rp or not, its up to you, but we have a great community and plenty of rpers and shops to get some gear for you to help you get started.

Kiro Dragoon

Im glad you like my build! It was alot of work, but it is worth it to see people enjoy it!

I brought Miles05 into the staff soon after opening the sim. I am one of several owners of the sim, but a large portion was built by me. Miles05 did the housing area with a little aid from me.

We hope everyone enjoys the sim!

TereziRule63D Resident

Thanks for talking so well of us!
I'm Admin Dave (TereziRule63D Resident), the Head of RP there at TT, and thought I should clear something up for you.
While Miles is one of our five Admins, this iteration of TT was built by Kiro Dragovar, and started by Zohnar Yifu. They are currently head of Builds and Internal respectively, with Miles head of our Advertisement.

We're always happy to have people come in, play, enjoy themselves, or take part of the sim RP, and feel free to contact any of us for more info!

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