Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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NWN's Five Favorite Second Life Machinimas from 2013

SL machinima

Happy holidays all - for your leisurely viewing and holiday party background eye candy, here's my top five favorite Second Life machinimas I blogged about over the last year. Sad to say, there seems to have been less great narrative-driven machinima in 2013 than there have been in previous years, but at the very least, these are all sumptuous visual treats for the season:

From January, this is "Bad Trip" by Tutsy Navarantha:

From February, this is an SL machinima by Lala Larix called "Myself, Me & I" inspired by Michel Foucault's Utopian Body:

After the break, first featured here in March, "Invisible Man" is an SL machinima music video by Japanese SLers umejintan Beck and sakurahime:

From May, "Modovia" is actually an ad for virtual fashion by William Weaver, but you know, David Lynch and Wong Kar-Wai sometimes shoot fashion ads too:

Finally from this month, here's Tutsy Navarantha's "The Residents", which I interviewed him about here:

Many more machinimas archived here, including several versions of "The Harlem Shake", 2013's "What the fuck was that about anyway?" meme. Anyway, do please post machinima links of your own 2013 favorites in Comments.Please share this post:



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Friendly Ani

Shortage of narrative driven machinima? Have you checked this year's UWA contest and the entries of the new WD SciFi project?

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