Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Friend Honors Virtual World Pioneer's Dying Request for Her Character to Live On as a Twitter Avatar

Vivian Kendall Osprey Therian SL

Vivian "Osprey Therian" Kendall died recently, I'm very sorry to say, lost after a long struggle with multiple sclerosis and cancer. Known and loved by many in Second Life (she was an avid and very talented content creator there for nearly a decade) her friend and fellow SLer Justin Esparza has created an online memorial to Vivian here.

But that's only the start to Vivian's legacy online, because here's the thing: "Vivian wanted her avatar, Osprey Therian, to continue on as a fictional character in stories and interactive experiences in virtual worlds," as Esparza explains. "Plans are in motion to fulfill her wishes... Osprey’s Second Life profile will be updated to reflect Vivian’s passing and the avatar changes. A new Twitter account has been created for the now fictional Osprey Therian character." Follow Osprey as she wanted to live on, as @ospreytherian.

Vivian Kendall Osprey Therian SL

Some more from Esparza before you go: "She was fiercely independent and managed to live by herself, with the support of many caring and supportive friends, in her little home by a little lake in the middle of a big forest in Washington State." Hope her spirit can live on almost as strongly, now embodied by her online friends who knew her most.

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Justin Esparza

An inworld memorial for Osprey’s creator, Vivian Kendall, was held in the SL Mainland Bodega region on Saturday, December 14th:



The day after that memorial, Osprey’s now fictional avatar character went through an unstable interdimensional portal in the Rodeo region to search for Salazar Jack. She was accompanied through the portal by two other Second Life residents, Fenix Eldritch and Gomi Mfume, and the event was witnessed by many friends and acquaintances:


I hope hope to continue to use the Osprey Therian Second Life account, given to me by Vivian Kendall, as well as the new Twitter account @ospreytherian, to continue her presence and legacy in Second Life and other virtual worlds.

Doc Boffin

Vivian was an amazing person. My thoughts on the first era of Osprey Therian are here http://jimpurbrick.com/2013/12/15/osprey-therian/

Bettina Tizzy

Thanks for this writeup, Hamlet. I met Osprey in my newbie days (thanks for the intro Tayzia!) and remember her as whimsical, fiercely independent, gentle yet opinionated, loyal and hard working. She was an excellent friend. Level headed. Reliable. A dry whit. All lovely virtues... but the best thing I can say about Osprey is that she squeezed every drop out of every day.

Komuso Tokugawa

ack..just heard Osprey passed on.

She was my go to film maker for documenting a few of my SL Live Music collaborative experiments and always did a superlative job with both the filming and the final edit.

RIP Viv.

Michelle Leckrone

I look at her name and I fought I recognised her from some of the youtube videos I've seen She'll definitely live on in all of her work :) what a lovely idea

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