Friday, December 13, 2013

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Watch This Weekend: Sci Fi Machinima About Aliens in SL

There's a new machinima from master of the form Mr. Tutsy Navarantha, it's about aliens who discover a very strange place, and you can watch it below here:

Tutsy created it very much as a collaborative project, he tells me, which is also how the story idea emerged. For example, he discovered the alien avatars in an SL store, and that sparked the inspiration for the story's plot twist:

Residents sci fi SL machinima

"This is what gave me the idea for the film-- aliens sent on a mission to Earth, but due to a navigational error, they end up in SL, thinking they are on Earth. The idea amused me because I think for many who are not familiar with virtual worlds, our forays into these immersive environments may seem completely surreal."

It's also a way to put all the great sci fi-themed sims in Second Life into another cool context: "There are some absolutely fantastic places in Second Life about science fiction," Tutsy tells me. "Made for role playing, these places are unfortunately often underutilized if not deserted. A science fiction festival gave me the inspiration to film these places. I was looking for an idea that featured Second Life as an actor." In his machinima "Residents", the part of the virtual world is very well played.

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Eliza Wrigglesworth

"Onna: I believe we should be whatever it is we feel like being."

"Dul: Do we have to be crazy?"

LOLOL! I loved this Machinima!

Soda Sullivan


This is one of the best Machinima pieces i have ever seen, using some of the best that SL has to offer, to create a very entertaining piece that asks some important questions in a very clever way.

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