Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Lumiya News: SL Android App Adds Handy My Profile Feature

Android Second Life viewer Lumiya

Lumiya, the 3D Second Life viewer for Android devices (a sponsoring partner of NWN) has a new update with a new feature that's pretty useful: A "My avatar" screen, which displays your profile and Linden Dollar balance. Viewing your own profile is a handy way to access your location Picks, and teleport to them, and the L$ balance also shows you a list of all your L$ transactions for the current session.

There's also a Block feature for blocking/muting selected users, and you know how handy that will be. And you can do use in multiple ways:

There is an "Add" button to block someone, for one thing. Also, as Lumiya creator Alina Lyvette explains, "long-pressing on a message will pop-up a menu with a 'Block' action. This is also the only way to block a message from a particular object. Choosing 'Mute' on the action menu in a chat window will offer an option to either mute the particular avatar or group for the current session or permanently, the latter option will add this avatar to persistent block list. Long-pressing on a chat session in the list of open chats and choosing 'Close and mute' works in the same way." Go here to get all that and more for the price of a large latte.

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Graham Mills

Personally I thought the most awesome feature was the ability to edit scripts both in inventory and in objects.

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