Tuesday, January 07, 2014

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Last Chance for Early Access to Play Ever, Jane, the Jane Austen-Themed MMO from Linden Lab Alum

Ever Jane Austen MMO

Ever, Jane, the innovative MMO set in the world of Jane Austen and lead created by Judy Tyrer (formerly a senior engineering manager at Linden Lab), successfully Kickstarted $100,000+ late last year, I'm happy to say, and she's still taking Paypal donations to expand production. In fact, if you want to maintain early access to Ever, Jane, you should donate at least $10 or more via Paypal now: "Once we get the security locked down," Judy tells me, "those who have not backed us will no longer be able to play, so we will be offering our first very low level subscription for early access." Go here to donate because Jane Austen.

Speaking of which, Ever, Jane just won a Massively "Underdog" award, so Judy's got that going for her. "Design is moving at a good clip," she says, "and we're about halfway through pre-production, picking up some new tools and refining our work flow." And now, it's time for supporters to help her team get the game done:

"People can join in at any time, but the free prototype is going away. We plan on starting with a $5.00/month subscription OR a $25.00 donation. So it will depend on if you want to play for 5 months or just check it out." Go here to do so.

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