Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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I Love Looking at the SL Photographs of Leonorah Beverly

Leonorah Beverly SL photographs

Totally by accident (which is how I usually stumble into such things), I found the Second Life photography Flickr feed of an SLer named Leonorah Beverly, and it is definitely worth a look. Love the diverse imagery, and the play with shadow and light, and the artful use of WindLight filters and natural (virtual) light. This pic above, for instance, entitled "Barbed Wire", was shot with local sim lighting. "I only had to wait for the right moment," she writes. How right she was to wait.


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Its an amazing one and worth being followed by not only Second Life users!

Leonorah Beverly

Totally by accident - LOL - I was looking for my name in Google and found your awesome comment on my pictures. Thank you so much for your friendly compliments, Hamlet! My SL photographs are a mere result of admiration for all the creativity that surrounds us in this virtual reality. Yes, it's "reality", because you can see it, you can feel it and you can expand your imagination in a way that RL never will allow. That's more than fascinating. I am very glad I could give you some pleasure!
Big hugs and thanks again

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