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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


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Ajax Manatiso

And then again people like me passed on the game altogether because it required connecting online. I, and others, were just happy to play old versions of the game that did not require you to be online. If I see "online version" on a game box, I automatically pass. Game designers should take note - I'm not the only one.

Arcadia Codesmith

The single biggest factor that tanked The Sims Online was the lack of a plan to integrate and support player-generated content. It's fine to profit off mods and other content, but you've got to share with the people who are doing the work. Otherwise, you're just a common thief, regardless of how much legal boilerplate you have insulating you.

I love the SimCity series, and this step makes me more likely to come back to it. But Maxis is behind the curve in serving the creative community, and they really need to step up their game in that respect. I wouldn't bust their chops if I didn't think they had the capability to do a much better job.

Adeon Writer

The pirated version can be played offline (not that I advocate it, it's just proof)... Nothing about the game needs to be online, it's just DRM. Any claim otherwise was either misinformation or just a plain regular lie.

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