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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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Pussycat Catnap

Pretty much as predicted. It only goes a little way - not all the way.

People expecting a magic potion and holding their breath, are basically going to suffocate.

Standard Sizes and such solutions are not going to go away I suspect - the closer you are to a common point, the easier it will be to be for something to adjust to the few spots where you differ.

That should be obvious.

But for some reason it isn't for many people.

elizabeth (irihapeti)

am sure that those guy jeans are going to be a popular item. In a please to meet you kinda way jejeje (:


more serious tho. I think we going to see animations made for certain kinds of mesh clothes/garments. Like the animation will enhance an aspect of the particular mesh when is worn

Jess 2.0

Regarding the fitted mesh its very under developed without considerations for furry
and other SL fantasy creatures
Why did they not include a bone to support furry tails and bones for wings .

They should work with the fashion & builder community to come up with a new avatar that's modern or at least allow someone to update the body morphs

Lets cut to the chase we need an avatar 2.0

Ok besides body collisions with mesh parts we need a updated skin with materials!
Skins in SL are based on designs of 11 years old with 70% of the base still using chip midnight templates from 2007.

we need 2048 textures with materiel's they need to allow that size for skins.
Several skin makers already make HD Skin in 1024 format so 2048 is not impossible plus many are tired of the blurry pixels that make us appear cartoonish many want body sweat and shimmer with reflection that materiel's can provide.

Vaughan Vendetta

Apparently, the .blend skeleton template given with the other skeleton files on the SL Wiki doesn't even work with the new Second Life viewer, meaning that exporting fitted mesh with Blender is seemingly impossible without Avastar?

Oops, Linden Lab?


Many are lobbying against the use of high polly textures!
So even if i would love (Any texture in open sim can be the resolution any wants!, some of the ones i had there are 4096x4096) to see 2048x2048 skin textures, i doubt that will happen!

Adeon Writer

Dosn't effect me. All my mesh clothing needs to custom conissioned to fit me. Downside of not using a human avie. Plus side is it always fits perfectly.


Thanks for posting a more reasoned account of this Fitted Mesh fiasco. As a solution, it's a joke, but a joke that is hard to laugh at. In the end, I really do not care if we use the mesh deformer, which is far superior, or Fitted Mesh, but it has to work, within reason. Fitted Mesh, currently, does not work. Work being defined as fitting to your shape. Fitted Mesh can't work. At least, not the way LL implemented it. So, we are starting from a position of total imperfection and then going on from there. It's diluted thinking. LL did as little as it had to to make it functional, and that was it.

Again, Fitted Mesh, as it is, is a sad joke.


Fitted is the worst thing ever seen in second life.

When sculpties came out there was plenty of options to build them. many free programs were able to make sculpties. Fro many not free programs they developed free addons to make sculpties.

Now with this stupid fitted mesh only if you have got avastar can make meshes.

I can't see why residents must buy avastar now to build, when without it the avatars given from wikipage are just helpless.

In winworldz you can still use mesh deformers that makes things so far easier and you don't need avastar.

In inworldz there is no lag as in secondlife you gain double than the fps that you can gain in secondlife.

it's not true that only fitted mesh is good for big sized avatars, because also fitted mesh has got big iussues with them.

Gaia is just a scammer together with RedPoly, that made an association to help big makers of secondlife, the richest ones to keep money just for themself.


BTW isn't Gaia Clary Gaia Rossini's alt, the resident who takes freebie scripts and resells it on her sim?

Their avatars look the same, unless it's thelepathy or copybot,They could be the same person.

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